3 Gift Ideas for Service Members on Military Holidays

One of the greatest honors our country has is the ability to serve in our national military. These brave men and women have given us so much that sometimes, it can be a challenge when we want to show our appreciation to an active service member or veteran on a military holiday because whatever we do, it never seems enough.

There are currently over 1 million active-duty men and women serving our country and over 18 million veterans, so if you are interested in showing your appreciation then continue reading to discover 3 gift ideas for service members for the upcoming military holidays.

Personalized Gifts for Military Holidays

Personalizing a gift is an excellent way of showing our active duty or combat veteran men and women just how much they mean to us. Here are a few different personalized gift ideas for you to choose from.

Night Sky Star Map

These gifts have become increasingly popular for couples on their wedding day or anniversary, and even birthdays. It is a map of exactly what the sky looked like on whatever special occasion you are giving it for. So in this case, the map could be created to either look like the sky on the day they joined the military or the day they retired from the military.

Personalized Journal

What better way for a service member to be able to express themselves than being able to keep their thoughts in a journal. Journals make a great gift because you can personalize them any way you choose, with their name, their rank, or even their branch of service.

Embroidered Patches

Whether it’s Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or one of the other military holidays, embroidered patches make an excellent personalized gift. A morale patch is customizable and is a way for military men and women to be able to show off their personal style or attitude of their unit. Military patches come in a wide variety of sizes and are affordable even on a budget.

Practical Gifts for Any Occasion

You don’t have to wait until one of the military holidays to give a gift of practicality. Service members will love receiving these gifts any time of the year.


Versatile tool kits are a big hit among those who have graduated basic training, but can also be given to any service member who may at any given time require a screwdriver, pliers, scissors, and more.

Tactical Anything

This could be, a tactical bag, tactical flashlight, or even a tactical pen. If it has tactical in front of it, you can be sure this will make a great practical gift for our service members.

Playing Cards

This may not seem like an essential item to us, but to someone who is currently serving in the military, it can be a life saver and morale booster. Though they are kept quite busy, they do have downtime, and playing cards can be a great way to ease their boredom.

Peculiar Gifts 

If you are looking to find a unique gift for someone with a sense of humor or even as a gag gift, these gift ideas might be right for them. Especially if they enjoy military puns and love military humor.

Military Alphabet

There is a wide range of gifts that can be found using the military alphabet to have a little fun with acrostics, a word that can be formed out of the first letter of other words, or in this case, the words from the military alphabet. You can find t-shirts, mugs, and other novelty items that will keep them laughing with every use.

Anything with a Pun

Again, there are many items that can be purchased such as t-shirts, posters, and mugs, that contain military puns like ‘Active Doody,’ ‘Tanks for Stopping By,’ and so many more, you can even get creative and create your own!

The Greatest Gift of All

The best way to honor our military veterans and active-duty members on military holidays is by saying thank you. Whether you write a thank you note or simply just let someone know you appreciate their service to our country, it can be encouraging for them just to know someone cares.

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