3 Facts You Should Know before Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

Although women having a small breast envy those who have large breast, the latter undergo a lot of physical and mental issues and literally wish to throw their biggies away.


Ladies with bigger breasts than normal have to suffer from pain in neck and back, wear more than one bra, cannot wear certain dresses and especially swimwear, and they have to fight a lot of mental stress.

Fortunately, an option like breast reduction surgery in Port Macquarie is open for these ladies.

If you’re considering having a breast reduction surgery, there are certain facts you’d like to be aware of.

1. How is Breast Reduction Done?

In breast reduction, excess breast fat, skin and glandular tissue is removed so as to achieve a breast size that can match the rest of your body, and reduce the discomfort related to extra-large breasts.

You may not know that some of your nerve endings are also cut and again put together in the breast reduction procedure.

Also, your nipples will be removed, resized and placed at an upper position on your breast.

Also, an interesting fact for you may be that you’ll have two drains and several stitches that you can count directly.

The drains are meant for catching excess fluids from the procedure and will be hooked up to your chest. They are removed after 3 to 7 days, depending on the amount of fluid drained out of you.

All the stitches will be removed around two weeks after the procedure.

2. You will Need to Wear a Bra All the Time

You may not know but it’s important to remember that you’ll need to wear a bra 24/7.

Some women may hate wearing a bra and remove it the moment they get home. Women who have to wear multiple bras due to their big boobs may naturally have this tendency.

However, you should expect to have your breasts like molding clay after the surgery. This means they will change shape for months.

Therefore wearing a good supportive bra is important in order to get a desirable, nice shape.

Even if you undergo the efficient mummy makeover Port Macquarie at PCLS Coffs Harbour, for example, you’ll have to follow the rule of wearing a good supportive bra all the time.


3. You may Never be Able to Wear Underwire in the Future

Besides the fact you’ll be informed of that you’ll have to wear a bra 24/7, you’ll also be told that you are not supposed to wear underwire bras.

Since you have large breasts, you may find this advice strange. After all, how can your breasts get support without underwire?

The main reason for avoiding underwire is that for the first 6 weeks post-surgery, your incisions will be too sensitive to wear underwire.

While shopping for a bra after your surgery, don’t settle just for the first one. Try on various bras and choose the best one, provided it shouldn’t have underwire.

If you’re allowed to wear underwire again, you’ll automatically come to know which bras you should avoid.

The underwire is positioned just on top of your scars and will cause severe discomfort. Several women who undergo breast reduction simply cannot wear bras with no padding.

Also lacy bras are uncomfortable. However, smaller breasts will help you find a lot of underwire bras that will work for you.

Having known these facts beforehand will help you understand what to expect and how to be happy with your breast reduction surgery results.