3 Essential Pointers That Indicate Why Sneakers Disintegrate

Different materials in sneakers have other service lives, there are various components of a sneaker, and some could lead to natural decay over time. Sometimes it also depends on the chemical composition of the shoe material.

If you talk about the Air Jordan 1 High OG Bred Patent, it is made from top-quality materials and has a black-shiny upper base constructed from leather materials. This sneaker will not disassemble over time, but many shoes do. In this article, we will know why sneakers disintegrate with time.

1.    Sneakers Falling Apart

Some shoes have fallen apart even after you rarely use them. Some people have complained that their sneakers have fallen apart despite infrequent use. As per the complaints, these are the shoes stored in a cardboard box for a long time.

The users of those sneakers either took the sneakers out of the box in that condition, or the sneakers fell apart after being worn for some time.

2.    Why Do Shoe Soles Break Up?

Some of us have sneakers in the wardrobe of our house of a certain age that are still good to wear. One of the reasons why sneaker soles disintegrate is the Polyurethane material, and this material is often used in safety sneakers as it offers different beneficial properties.

It has a positive effect on your natural movement patterns and the product life of the sneaker’s sole. The particular compositions of PU create these material qualities, and it might even affect the material’s service life. This sole material found in many sneakers could lead to a natural aging process.

3.    What Occurs when a Sneaker’s Sole Ages?

Polyurethane consists of a long polymer chain that splits apart with time due to moisture. As a result, PU loses its flexibility, and the sole Air Jordan 1 High OG Bred Patent becomes weak. As the sneakers reach a certain age, you can find signs of disintegration in the soles.

There are reasons why stored shoes can also be detrimental to their useful life, and this is because you might find shoes in garages or basements where there is low sunlight and moisture. It results in the hydrolysis process, and this causes the sneakers to age more quickly even if you did not wear them.


If you want to benefit from the favorable properties, you need to be aware of the limited product life of shoes. Offline shoe manufacturers and companies need to adopt First In, First Out during the storing and distribution of sneakers, and users need to use their sneakers regularly.

Final Words

Now that you know why sneakers or other shoes disintegrate with time, you need to be aware of the life of any sneaker that you buy, and you also need to use it regularly.

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