3 Different Kinds of Road Signs

Comparing the 3 Primary Types of Traffic Signs

Regardless if you are driving on a rural road, a suburban street, or a highway, there will be signs to alert you to potential hazards, route changes, and speed limits. Road signs can serve various purposes. They can give you information, alert you to potential dangers and even help regulate traffic. It is essential to understand the different types of road signs. The road rules must be adhered to by all drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else using the roads.

There are three main types of road signs Washington.

  1. Warning Signs

A warning sign’s purpose is to alert you of an upcoming road condition to help prevent situations that can be unsafe. While driving on the road, dangerous situations are possible, and warning road signs make you aware of these hazardous conditions. These signs are often represented by symbols. The information is easily understood and quickly. For instance, a sign with a curved black arrow serves to notify you that the road ahead curves. Another recognizable son is a railroad crossing sign. A railroad crossing sign has a black X on a yellow circle with an R on each side.

  1. Regulatory Signs

A regulatory sign’s purpose is to remind drivers about regulations and traffic laws. These signs are a variety of shapes and colors. Examples of these signs are stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs. Road signs can use different colors to provide you with information, such as red on stop signs. Some regulatory signs have a white background. For example, a keep left of median sign or a speed limit sign. School zones use bright yellow color, and pedestrian crossings use green color. Warning signs like a construction safety sign are orange signs with black letters or symbols.

  1. Guide Signs

A guide sign’s purpose is to state mileage to an upcoming location or information such as exit signs on a freeway. A guide sign can also include the route number and the county in which you are traveling. These signs are usually rectangular and either green or white, but they can vary depending on their display information.

As you can see, the amount and different types of road signs can be overwhelming, but they all serve an important function, and knowing the different shapes and colors can certainly be helpful.