3 Careers for People Who Love the Water


People who long to spend their days on the water do not have to settle for weekend fishing trips or kayaking adventures. Whether you are interested in incorporating science, agriculture or manual labor, there are plenty of ways to make a living while enjoying life on the water.

  1. Boat Crew Member

From the captain to deckhand, there are positions for people with every level of experience. Depending on the size and purpose of the boat, you can learn about commercial fishing, tug services Luling LA, sailing or diving. You can sign up with a vessel that heads across the ocean or watch the scenery go by as you sail down a river. While some jobs allow you to return home each night, others may require you to spend weeks or months at sea.

  1. Marine Archaeologist

If you love history as much as you love the water, then consider becoming a marine archaeologist. You will get to use a vast array of skills and specialized equipment as you explore underwater areas searching for significant discoveries. This job does require a bachelor’s degree, so you will have to spend several years studying on dry land before you can dive into the field.

  1. Aquaculture Farmer

When most people think about farming, they picture cows, fields of wheat and red barns. However, aquaculture farmers work to produce food as well. Besides harvesting fish, prawns and oysters, they can also collect pearls to sell to jewelry makers. Depending on the task, you may be able to get started with a high school diploma, but you may need to obtain higher education to further your career.

Whatever path you take, if you love the water and find it essential to your fulfillment, consider a career that allows you to explore your passion for the sea.