3 Benefits of Using a Safety Equipment Supplier

Using the right safety equipment at work is critical to the health and safety of you and your employees.

Did you know the total number of injuries per 100 full-time workers is 2.8? Or that more than 235,000 workers miss time from their jobs due to injuries from contact with objects and equipment?

The 2020 Workplace Injury survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that no matter the industry, an injury is likely to happen.

Ready to keep your job sites safe, your employees healthy, and stay within budget? This article shares three reasons using a safety equipment supplier benefits you and your business.

  1. Get the Right Safety Equipment for the Job

Safety equipment suppliers are knowledgeable about the work tools they carry and the trades they service. Many have been in business for decades, which means they know the best brands and models to use on your job site.

The supplier’s trained professionals work within your budget, too. You won’t buy more than you need or lose money purchasing different versions of the same equipment.

With their experience in a variety of trades, they can direct you straight to the construction safety equipment you need. There is no wasted time listening to a sales pitch for equipment you don’t want or becoming frustrated at not getting the answers you need.

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  1. Your Business Will Have a Good Reputation

When you invest in the right safety equipment, you will grow your company’s image.

Customers can see how safe your job sites are, and because there is no downtime through injuries, you always meet your deadlines. The result is you will build repeat business, and your clients will recommend you to others.

Your staff also knows you take their safety seriously. Reduced incidents in the workplace can help raise job satisfaction and lowers staff turnover.

  1. You Will Save Money

Good safety equipment suppliers test their equipment before it leaves the warehouse. This ensures it is of the highest quality and performs as expected. No more defective equipment costing you wasted hours or damaged job site materials.

Their advice and resources can also teach you how to maintain your gear and keep it in good condition. Critical for a safe workplace.

Suppliers can save you money through sales and shipping deals. Look for pricing thresholds that maximize shipping speed while keeping the costs low. Clearance sales are a fantastic way to buy great brands and high-quality gear at lower prices.

Keep You and Your Employees Safe

Having the right safety equipment is critical to a safe job site and healthy employees. Work with a safety equipment supplier who can help you find the right equipment and save you money today.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more about safety at work, check out our other helpful and informative articles.