2 Serious Hazards of Truck Driving

Driving a truck is a dangerous career choice. The roadways are full of near misses, inexperienced drivers, accidents, and frustrating traffic scenes. All of these situations bring one hazard after another, threatening your safety as your transport cargo. Being aware of the biggest accident or health concerns can help you adapt your habits and address potential weaknesses, hopefully avoiding a safety incident. Speaking to an agent selling commercial truck insurance in Glendale AZ can help you get financially prepared for an accident.

  1. Roadway Accidents

Unlike many of the other commuters on the road, truck drivers aren’t able to get over to the side of the road or stop suddenly. There are completely different driving conditions than what others face. While you can’t address the actions of others, you can take better care of your own habits. Know how to drive safely and cautiously in all weather conditions, checking the forecast before you head out. Don’t exceed speed laws or federal driving time limits. Take time to rest and sleep. Always remain calm, in spite of the foolish or aggressive driving habits of others. Always wear your seatbelt.

  1. Ergonomic Injuries

It is more than just uncomfortable to sit for hours at a time while driving. It is also bad for your physical health. The vibrations from the steering wheel can lead to achy joints, while your seat and sitting position can lead to back injuries or stress. The glare of the road during sunlight and reflections of car lights at night can do long-term damage to your eyes. Wearing UV-blocking sunglasses, getting an ergonomic seat, and fixing alignment issues can have a positive impact on your physical health.

These are just two areas that need your attention when getting ready to deliver a load across town or across the country. Safety should be the first priority, both your physical health and protection and from roadway injuries.