10 Best Acne treatment tips for teens

While acne can occur at any age, teens are more likely to get acne breakouts, thanks to an influx of hormones. This can feel overwhelming during a stage of life when you’re already experiencing a lot of changes. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, 80% of young people experience acne breakouts before the age of 30.

External factors causing acne

Missing on little things such as not drinking enough water, excessive munching on your favourite sweet or simply forgetting to wash your face often could be the biggest enemy to your skin. Acne can be triggered with the use of cosmetics, hair styling products, heavy sweating or hot and humid weather conditions all of which could lead to causes of acne. Nevertheless, it remains unclear what could exactly trigger acne but it does come down to individual skin type.

10 tips for teens

Let’s have a look at the 10 best tips for teens.


  • Don’t pick your skin


While you wait for your acne treatment to kick in, the waiting can be frustrating. Nonetheless, don’t give into the temptation to pick your skin or pop your pimples. Doing so can stretch out your pores, leading to pock marks on your skin. It might even cause permanent acne scars.


  • Wash your face gently twice a day


You know that washing your face is important in your overall acne care plan, but the frequency and technique is just as important. Twice a day is ample. You may have to wash your face really quickly in the middle of the day if you get sweaty. But overdoing it can dry out your skin and lead to more breakouts. After washing your face, pat your skin gently with a clean towel. Rubbing it will irritate your skin and any pimples you have. Lukewarm water is most effective in cleansing your skin. Hot water is too drying, while very cold water doesn’t do enough to help cleanse your skin properly.


  • Exfoliate once a week


Weekly exfoliation can help keep acne breakouts at bay. A mud mask is ideal for all acne types, as it helps unclog your pores and get rid of dead skin cells.


  • Avoid scrubbing


Avoid facial scrubs, astringents and masks. Also, avoid extreme scrubbing and washing. This can irritate the skin and worsen acne.


  • Wear sunscreen everyday


While you might feel wary about applying more products to your skin, sunscreen is an absolute must. Not only does it help protect your skin from sun damage, but sunscreen might even help prevent acne that’s sometimes caused by sunburns.


  • Don’t wear bandages or tight clothing


It can be quite tempting to try to hide your acne behind bandages or tight clothing. Nevertheless, this can aggravate acne by further trapping oils and bacteria into your skin. It’s helpful to shower immediately after playing sports and other forms of exercise so you can keep your pores as clean as possible.


  • Protect your skin


It’s important to protect your skin from items that create friction or cause pressure. Some examples are phone, helmet, backpack and tight collars and straps.


  • Reduce the use of cosmetics


Excess amount of cosmetics can cause pores to clog and worsen acne.


  • Change your diet


Certain foods might contribute to acne breakouts. The greatest culprits are dairy, high-glycaemic foods and processed items.


  • Use non-comedogenic products


Non-comedogenic products are formulated to help reduce potential blockage of visible pores. These skincare products are a must for acne-prone skin. These include face washes, moisturizers and sunscreen, as well as any makeup you might wear. Choose skincare products which won’t clog skin pores.

Homeopathy: Best acne treatment

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Acne is a normal part of life. This is especially true as a teenager, when you’re dealing with hormonal fluctuations that can further trigger breakouts. If you feel sad or isolated over your acne, it’s even more critical to reach out for support. Acne is treatable with the right skin care approach. Book an appointment with expert homeopathic doctors for natural acne treatment.