Full Forms In The Field Of Banking Sector

The banking industry is a sector and a section of the economy dedicated to maintaining financial assets for others spending certain financial assets as an invested way of creating higher income. The industry also provides mortgages, insurance, debit and credit cards, investor services and other financial operations.

Bank jobs have quite a massive trend within India’s youth, particularly with government and public sector banks such as ICICI, Allahabad Bank, SBI, Punjab National Bank, etc. The trend is relatively close to other employees in the public sector such as Railway Employment in India. For candidates to join the banking industry, various forms of tests must be clear depending on the position they apply for. There are many banking-related examinations full forms which are necessary to understand.

Tips To Clear The Bank Examination

A candidate who is willing to take the bank exam must prepare themselves with a clear strategy from the beginning, few of the tips listed below for clearing the exams.

Prepare a study plan

Once the online registration procedure has been completed, the applicants should start training for the bank examination. A timetable is prepared for each topic written in the syllabus book. It should be achieved irrespective of the fact of whether the applicant is a student or an employee. A timeline must be pursued with the determination and commitment to clear the bank exam.

Proper selection of the book

Selecting the correct bank test books can either make and break the preparation for a candidate’s bank exam. It is because there is no time which can be lost on finding some other source of preparation because the applicant already has started preparing for their bank examination. Thus it is suggested that the candidate should select the most appropriate tools, textbooks or learning resources for the training.

Coaching might be a solution

There are professionals in a coaching institute who are very aware of the techniques that are of great assistance to Bank Examination.

Practice on previous paper question papers and mock test

The applicant is also provided with an idea into the important subjects and the bank examination trend by reading via the previous years’ bank examination question papers and mock exams.

Breaks are necessary too

When planning for the bank tests, we suggest that applicants take a rest and cut off their minds from getting overloaded from the reading materials to destress & rejuvenate.

List of important banking related full forms

Abbreviations are seen most frequently in the banking sector. You need to learn the full forms to have a clear image of those words. Few banking full forms are listed below.

  • NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer
  • RTGC – Real Time Gross Settlement
  • PFMS – Public Financial Management System
  • IDBI – Industrial Development Bank of India
  • RBL – Ratnakar Bank Limited
  • IDFC – Infrastructure Development Finance Company
  • DCB – Development Credit Bank
  • SBI – State Bank of India
  • IFSC – Indian Financial System Code


The acronyms are used very often in the banking industry. Applicants need to learn the full forms to get a good understanding of the subject and concept. Only the bank sector-related exams are written in the abbreviated form. Candidates need to learn the full form of such terms.